Acid Stain Concrete


Acid staining concrete is a decorative finish for concrete surfaces that produces an array of finishes that not only change the surface color, but also permeate the concrete creating a rich translucent tone. A finished acid stain concrete surface is an ideal way to give your home or business a customized look. There are eight standard colors available for acid staining concrete. While these colors are primarily hues of brown, there are blue-green stains as well. For additional colors, these standard colors can be mixed, to create a color that enhances the space and desired style.

Acid stained concrete is used outside for driveways, patios and sidewalks or inside for countertops, flooring or even walls. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for your Atlanta home or office space. Acid staining can be done to most concrete surfaces so long as said surface is free of grime, coatings, glues, curing membranes or sealers. Many Atlanta concrete contractors prefer to use acid staining with newly poured concrete, as this ensures the concrete is free of any items that can hinder the staining process.

What is Acid Staining?

Because concrete is comprised primarily of lime, the introduction of acid causes a reaction and different colors are produced. The basic rule is that the more lime in the cement, the darker the result. The acid and color penetrates no more than 1/32 of an inch, thus becoming a part of the concrete. When a slab of concrete flooring, a countertop or stairs is poured, the lime does not disperse evenly throughout the piece. As a result, when the acid is introduced a variegated look occurs. Because each slab of concrete has a slightly different chemical makeup, no two slabs stained with acid will produce the exact same appearance.

If you are hesitant about using acid staining, there are water-based stains or a soy based stains but these must be re-coated and resealed more frequently; the acid staining process requires little maintenance to keep its beauty.

Is Acid Staining the Best Choice for Your Concrete Surface?

When looking for a style that has Old World charm but will work with modern day décor, acid stained concrete is the perfect choice. However, if consistency in color and patterns is desired then acid staining may not be the best choice as hue and variegation changes from each area of the stained concrete slab. For many, it is these “imperfections” that add to the beauty of acid stained concrete.

Other considerations in acid staining concrete are the age of the concrete slab and the ability to recreate the color. If the concrete surface to be acid stained is an older exterior slab, then it is likely that the environment has stripped it of the minerals needed to create the expected results. In addition, acid staining is not suggested as a two-part project.

For example, planning to acid stain the concrete flooring now, and then stain the countertops later is likely to result in the second application not matching seamlessly with the first.

Benefits of Acid Staining

Acid stained surfaces are beautiful and durable, but there are several other advantages in choosing to acid stain concrete flooring.

Energy Savings

Because one of the properties of concrete is thermal mass, it has a high capacity to absorb, store and then slowly release heat and coolness. However, these energy savings cannot be used if the flooring is covered with carpet or other flooring. By choosing a decorative concrete surface, you can save as much as 26% annually.

Water Resistance

Virtually any surface choice you make is susceptible to water damage. But a concrete slab that has been acid stained is unaffected by water. Any moisture that passes through acid stained concrete does not leave anything behind. This water resistance makes acid stained concrete perfect for basements or any areas susceptible to flooding.

Low Maintenance

Acid stained concrete flooring requires little to look great. Simply use a damp mop for standard cleaning, or a neutral cleaning agent for more intense spills. Should there be an especially difficult stain, a blue utility pad can be used. To keep the concrete flooring always looking its best, it should be sealed or waxed at least once every couple of years.

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