Polished Concrete


Polished concrete flooring is accomplished through using a chemical densifier and progressively finer grinding tools, along with stains or dyes to create a smooth finish. The grinding process is not considered finished until it reaches a minimum of 800-grit level. Polishing concrete is much like the process of sanding wood, except the finished product can fool the eye into thinking it is granite or marble.

It can be used on new concrete surfaces as well pre-existing concrete slabs, which are sometimes referred to as retrofit surfaces. Although polished concrete flooring is commonly used in schools, warehouses and commercial locations, in recent years it has begun to be popular with homeowners. The resurgent interest in using polished concrete is due to the dry concrete polishing system. But it is not just aesthetics that has people choosing polished concrete, there many other benefits of polished concrete.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • As in any project, the budget dictates the details. Choosing polished concrete is extremely budget friendly. But one does not just save on installation. Polished concrete flooring has been connected to savings in energy usage, has less wear and tear than other flooring choices, requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable. If watching the bottom line, polished concrete is a viable option.
  • Another advantage in opting for polished concrete is that the floor can be used immediately after the process is complete. Whereas stamped, acid stained or epoxy coated concrete flooring needs time to cure, the polished concrete process does not require toxic chemicals, stripping or waxing, meaning it can be done during normal operational hours.
  • In the commercial and industrial location, a polished concrete floor means there is a smooth surface that will not wear out tires. Unpolished concrete floors have small curling joints formed when the concrete bows upward during the curing process. When a concrete surface is polished, the joints are smoothed out thus minimizing wear and tear on the tires.
  • No matter what type of flooring is chosen for a space, maintenance must be a consideration. Polished concrete is perhaps the easiest maintained surface available. Because it is a smooth surface, cleaning brushes, pads and mops will last longer. Nor is it necessary to wax or strip the floor. Even better, due to the tightly compacted surface, contaminants are not easily absorbed so oil, paint and other spills are repelled, making intense scrubbing unnecessary.
  • If looking for a way to combine safety with aesthetics, polished concrete cannot be beat. Atlanta polished concrete has a higher co-efficient level of friction than any coating available. Although a polished concrete surface may appear smooth as glass, its friction co-efficient is safer than the standards set by OSHA.
  • As mentioned, polished concrete is beautiful surface. Whether polished and shined or taken to a grit level of 3000 to expose the aggregate, polished concrete is a great looking surface that can be achieved without special treatments. However, if desired, a polished concrete floor can be stained or modified to achieve a specific look.
  • Though one might not realize it, concrete is eco-friendly product. Polishing a concrete surface merely emphasizes this. An Atlanta Concrete Masters USA polished floor is virtually maintenance free for 20 years, which translates to being the “green” flooring choice. Other green friendly features include not needing to produce, install, transport or eventually replace polished concrete as a floor choice. Also, the polishing process uses optional water-soluble sealers with low VOC levels to remove a minimal amount of surface material thus putting no harmful contaminants into the air. The process also uses HEPA vacuums to remove 98% of airborne particles.
  • A polished concrete surface has a high light reflectivity, which means that not only is excessive artificial lighting not needed, but also that it has a brighter, cleaner appearance. The reduction in lighting also means lower energy costs. In fact, some facilities have reported a savings of as much as $1,000 annually.
  • Polished concrete is beautiful and nearly maintenance-free. It is perfect for the commercial, industrial, medical, educational or residential location that wants a long lasting surface while protecting the budget and the environment.

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